by I Need Allah

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About Us

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About Ineed-Allah.com


Ineed-Allah.com Incorporated is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization run by volunteers. It relies on the support and good will of brothers and sisters in the community. Ineed-Allah.com was established in 2019 to provide a focal point for Muslims living cross all over the world, to bind the community together and be an extensive source of information for locals and visitors.

Global Reach

Since that time our reader base has greatly expanded. We now receive thousands of visitors a year from virtually every nation on the planet with North America, The United Kingdom, and the Asia Pacific.

Desired Impact

With articles on various aspects of Islam, lifestyle pieces, news from trusted sources, and opinion pieces from guest writers all over the world, Ineed-Allah.com is playing an important role in providing information that is accurate and authentic concerning Islam and Muslims. In doing so we hope to help provide the world with a clearer picture of the religion of Islam and counter the ignorance that produces the kind of negativity and anti-Islam bias that is far too common in the mainstream media today.

Support Ineed-Allah.com

We appreciate your help and support, be it financial or by submitting articles for publication, in contributing to making this website successful.  Become Supporter

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