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As Long As You Have Allah

by I Need Allah
As Long As You Have Allah

“As Long As You Have Allah ﷻ, You Have Everything You Need & Desire”

In life, you will always find people who will do their best to plot and plan against you. At these times it is important to keep your faith strong in God ﷻ. Remember, no matter how much people try to harm you, as long you have God ﷻ by your side- no one at all will be able to harm you. Allah ﷻ is your protector. He will keep you protected and safe all the time. Let your enemies do what they wish to do. You keep firm hope in Godﷻ. He will never leave your side. Never forget He is the best of planners.

“Put your trust in Allah. Allah loves those that trust [in Him].” [Surah al-Imran 3: 159]

No matter how close someone may have been to you, or how much you had trusted them, there may come a point in life when they’re the ones who betray your trust & go against you. So be very careful with who you trust in this day and age.

Remember Allah ﷻ only wants best for us. God ﷻ may have closed a door simply to show us the true colors of someones else. Take this a blessing and a lesson for yourself to distance yourself from such people.

Allah ﷻ sometimes test us to bring us closer to him, so at such times don’t lose hope instead have faith in God ﷻ that whatever he has planned is simply for our best. He, the Almighty is the best of planners. So trust Allah ﷻ & turn to none but Him.

May Allah ﷻ always keep us protected from the enemies & give us all the ability to do our acts just to please him – آمين يا ربّ العالمين.

Stay Strong & Don’t Lose Hope!

Note: Read our article about supplication.

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