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In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. All Praise and Thanks are due to Allah and
peace and blessings upon His messenger


Every human being either had or will experience some form of calamity, hardship, grief through the loss of money, life, health, etc. However, for a Muslim, it will be much easier to deal with such experiences, if we know why they happen, from the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The most important thing to remember is that everything which happens in our lives either good or bad comes from Allah (SWT). Here are some references from the Quran and the sunnah:Qur’an: Allah (SWT) says: No misfortune ever befalls on earth, nor on yourselves but We have inscribed it in the book before We make it manifest. Surely that is easy for Allah. (We do so) that you may not grief over the loss you
suffer, nor exult over what He gave you. Allah does not love the vainglorious, the boastful. (Chapter 57: verse 22-23). In another place Allah Says; We will certainly test you with some fear and hunger, and some loss of possessions and lives and crops. But give good news to the steadfast. Those who, when a calamity afflicts them, say, “Say InnaLillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un (To Allah we belong, and to Him, we will return.”) Upon these are blessings and mercy from their Lord. These are the guided ones. (chapter 2: verse155-157)

Our Prophet(PBUH) said “No fatigue, nor disease, nor anxiety, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah forgives some of his sins for that" (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

In another hadith He(PBUH) said; He whom Allah intends good, He makes him suffer from
some affliction  (Al-Bukhari).

In another hadith, he(PBUH) said A strong believer is better and dearer to Allah than a weak one, and both are good. Adhere to that which is beneficial for you. Keep asking Allah for help and do not refrain from it. (If you are afflicted in any way), do not say:  If I had taken this or that step, it would have resulted in such and such, but say only: Allah so determined and did as He willed. The word opens the gates of satanic (thoughts) (Muslim).


-Do not think that calamity is a punishment from Allah.
– Remember relief follows difficulty.
Your RANK is raised in the Hereafter.
– Gives you a moment to REFLECT upon your life.

– It gives you an opportunity to REPENT.
– Gives you an opportunity to come CLOSER to Allah (SWT).
– Gives you an opportunity to UNDERSTAND other difficult moments.
– Makes you realize, how WEAK you are and DEPENDANT upon Allah (SWT).
-Be thankful to Allah (SWT) for not making it worse.
-Make Du’a to make it easy on you.

Remember Allah (SWT) abundantly by saying: Subhan Allah, alhamdulillah, Allah O Akbar, La ilaha ill’Allah.
-Pray Tahajjud, to come closer to Allah (SWT).
-Do acts of charity (even a smile is a charity).
-Recite Qur’an with understanding.
.-Ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness (Our Prophet (SAW) did this 100 times a day).
-Be patient, verily, Allah is with those who persevere and are patient.

True life disasters leave hearts broken and loved ones deprived, but the bright believer knows how to turn them into a source of determination and a fountain of strength. I conclude with the beautiful authentic hadith in which the Prophet (PBUH) tells us that the people who face the harshest trial are the prophets, then those next to them (in faith and devotion), and then the next. Everyone will be tried according to his level of faith; one who has strong faith will undergo a harsh trial and one who is of weak faith will receive a weak trial. And the affliction will encompass one until he becomes free of sins altogether. May Allah make it is easy upon us. Ameen

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