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Hadith On Hajj

by I Need Allah
Importance Of Hajj

Narrated/Authority of Ibn Abbas

When the Prophet returned after performing his Hajj, he asked Um Sinan Al-Ansari, “What did forbid you to perform Hajj?” She replied, “Father of so-and-so (i.e. her husband) had two camels and he performed Hajj on one of them, and the second is used for the irrigation of our land.” The Prophet said (to her), “Perform Umra in the month of Ramadan, (as it is equivalent to Hajj or Hajj with me (in reward).”(Sahih Bukhari, no. 86)

Narrated/Authority of Ibn Abbas

Husain bin Awf told me: I said: “O Messenger of Allah, the command for Hajj has come but my father cannot perform Hajj unless he is tied to a saddle.” Some time passed, then he said: “Perform Hajj on behalf of your father.” (Hadith No: 2908 From: Sunan Ibn Majah)

Narrated/Authority of Ibn Abbas

A woman from the tribe of Juhaina came to the Prophet and said, “My mother had vowed to perform Hajj but she died before performing it. May I perform Hajj on my mother’s behalf?” The Prophet replied, “Perform Hajj on her behalf. Had there been a debt on your mother, would you have paid it or not? So, pay Allah’s debt as He has more right to be paid.” (Hadith No: 77 From Sahih Bukhari)

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