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Why Haram Food Prohibited In Islam

by I Need Allah
Haram Food Prohibited In Islam

Haram Food Prohibited In Islam.

All praise is due to Allah, we ask Him for help, we ask Him for forgiveness, we seek refuge in Allah from the evil and evil deeds of our hearts. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever He sends astray, for him will not find any helper or guide. I bear witness that Allah is One, and He has no partner. And I also testify that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the servant and messenger of Allah. May Allah’s mercy and peace be upon him and his family and companions.

O Muslims! Allaah has created the creation so that they may worship Him alone, and He has instructed them to eat from what Allaah has provided for them lawfully, and to abstain from what is unlawful and unlawful. Allaah says: “ Those who follow the Messenger, Whose virtues they find in the Torah and the Gospel, who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong, and make lawful for them what is lawful and forbid what is unlawful for them. [ Surah Al-A’raf 157 ]

O servants of God! It is obligatory for every Muslim to earn halal even though it is difficult. In reality, earning halal is not a difficult task. But it seems difficult because in our society haram become so easy and halal become almost impossible to do.  We are more attracted to the material medium and the sense of principle rises. Many people are falling into haram due to the change in people’s thinking and consciousness. Ordinary people are having difficulty recognizing halal, they think halal is lost now. It is not possible to find halal. There is no other way but to take the road towards Haram. And the one who left us on the true path of Islam said: Surely there is a doubt between what is lawful and what is unlawful, and many people do not know it. The one who survives the doubtful thing keeps his day and honor flawless. And he who falls into doubtful things falls into the forbidden.  Like a shepherd grazing near a protected area, there is a danger of getting into it. Be careful! Every king has a reserved area, know‍! Allah’s protected area is his forbidden thing, know! There is flesh in the body. [Bukhari, Muslim, An Nawabi 40 Hadith, Hadith No. 6]

If a person who cares about the protection of the day has any doubt that something is haraam or halal, then if he does not know, he should ask the people of knowledge, as Allaah has instructed. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “ So ask the people of knowledge, if you do not know. [ Surah An-Nahl, verse 43 ]

All those transactions which are not based on Shari’ah and which are clear but fall into the stage of unjustly consuming human wealth which Allah has forbidden. People nowadays have become much more indifferent to haraam earnings: workers do not do their job properly. Again many times the employer does not pay the worker fee. The officer in charge does not perform his duties properly. The trader gives adulteration in his goods. The people who take interest has become more open and do it with pride. They trade things that harm people and even many business objects destroy people’s lives. The worst loser is the one who abandons the path of guidance and compromises with Satan.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was in such a state that date fell on his bed in the corner of the house and he picked it up to eat. Imam Bukhari: Abu Hurairah. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I went to my family and found a date lying on my bed. I picked it up to eat, then I was afraid that it might be a charity, so I threw it away. [Muslim 180]

His companions were also afraid of the forbidden. Such as Abu Bakr Siddique. His condition was that his slave who collected his taxes for Abu Bakr. His family was running on tax money, one day the slave brought food for  Abu Bakr. so, Abu Bakr ate that food, and The slave said to him, “Do you know where is that food came from?” Abu Bakr asked from where? He said: I used calculated the horoscope of one person in the pre-Islamic period. And I used to cheat with him to calculate this horoscope. He gave me that thing after I met him today. You ate from it, Abu Bakr. He put his hand inside his mouth and vomited everything inside his stomach.

(The incident of Abu Bakr is mentioned by Imam Bukhari in Manakeb chapter.) Qayyab bin Azra. Narrated from he said that the Prophet. He said to me: “ O Ka’b bin Azra! I seek refuge in Allah from those rulers who will come after me. The person who goes to their court will prove their lies to be true. He is not with me to help oppress them. I’m not with him either. He can’t come to the house. And whoever went to their court or did not go, did not confirm their lie as truth. Did not help their oppression. She is with me and I am with her and she will meet me near the house. O Ka’b Ibn Azra, the prayer is the proof. Siam is a solid slope. Charity removes sins as water extinguishes fire. O Ka’b Ibn Azra! ঐ Meat that is made by haram does not grow. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.[Tirmidhi narrated the hadith and said that the hadith is Hasan and Garib Albani said that the hadith is Saheeh.

Abu Bakr. He said: O my slave! May you be destroyed. You took me to the brink of destruction. I was afraid that my body would-be increased by this haraam food. What would happen to me if that happened? I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: The meat that is produced through bribery does not increase, but it is more suitable for fire. [Tirmidhi, Travel Chapter] 

Ayesha Ra. He said: All of you are distracted from good worship and that is: to be God-fearing. Abdullah bin Umar. He said: If you bend down like a bow while praying. And be a skeleton like a wire while fasting. It will not be accepted from you until you observe it in piety.

Umar Farooq Ra. He said: We would not take one-ninth of the halal usury for fear that we would fall into the haram. The condition of the predecessors had reached such a stage that if a person wanted to perform Waz for human beings, he would ask them to look for three things in it: And if he eats haraam food, then he will speak according to his instincts. And if he has less intelligence, he will mislead more than correct, and he will not sit next to him.

Yahya Ibn Mu’adh. He said: Obedience is one of the treasures of Allah and its key is Dua. But halal food prevents it from spoiling.

The most dangerous thing is that people have become more attractive to this world and not even caring if the source income is halal. Is it haram or halal not to see how their only source of wealth will come? All my life I have been thinking about how to become rich. For this reason, many have deviated from the path of guidance.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Is he who walks on his face upright, more guided, or he who walks in a straight path?” [ Verse 22 of Surah Al-Mulk ]

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Allah has distributed among you your character as He has distributed among you your sustenance. Allaah bestows the wealth of this world on those whom He loves and those whom He does not like. And Deen gives only to those whom he loves. I swear by the one in whose hand my soul is, no person can be a Muslim unless his heart and tongue are Muslim. And he cannot be a believer as long as his neighbor is safe from him. The Companions asked, “What is the matter, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: His oppression. And it never will be, Whoever earns haraam will spend from it and Allah will bless it and give from it and Allah will accept that gift. And whatever he leaves behind will be the object of his going to the fire. Allah does not cure evil by evil. But redeems bad by good. The dry can never replace the bad. [Ahmad Hadith has a weakness in its sanad]

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to Bukhari Muslim and said: The thing that I fear most for you is that Allaah will bring out for you Barakatul Ard. The question is, what is Ard in Baraka? He said: The glamor of the world. Then he said: This wealth is green and sweet. He who receives this right and spends it according to his means will get better help. And if he takes wealth unjustly, then his example is that he is not satisfied with the food he eats. And that wealth will be a witness against him on the Day of Resurrection.

Many incidents have taken place to prove the truth of the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). We see that the person who acquires wealth in a haraam way has a lot of greed in his mind. He never gets peace of mind. Stinginess all the time. Their hands are full but their minds are empty. People say of them: The rich are more greedy for the wealth of the poor. Because according to the language of Hadith, they are such that they take food but do not fill their stomachs. And whoever falls into the business of interest, he does not repent from it. As a result, he does not regret taking an interest. And the person who consumes human wealth unjustly, unjust deeds are made beautiful for him. She thinks it’s good for herself. As a result, he does not make any excuses or conspiracies. We see those who take refuge in lies by deceiving people, Or we hear about those who take bribes instead of doing something or take money by brokering land, they do not have the heart to achieve in this haraam way. They are stingy in giving fair rights to the people and do not pay the wages of the workers properly. One who believes in God as Lord. Muhammad is accepted as a prophet. How is it possible for a person who has recognized Islam as a religion to do so? How can he eat haraam? Does he know what will happen in the Hereafter? It is likely to be punished in the world. How can he agree to earn wealth in a haraam way? How can he sell his religion for a small amount of money? Allah says about them: They have bought the life of this world in exchange for the Hereafter. So the torment will not be lightened for them, nor will they be helped. [ Surat al-Baqara, 86 ]

Finally, I make this supplication which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: O Allaah! Make halal enough for us by saving us from haram. Make obedience enough to save you from sin. Please make us selfless.

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