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HOW SHAYTAN DECEIVES HUMANS (Muslim). Shaytan knows that his eternal abode is in the hellfire, so he wants to take as many people as possible with him. You know the saying” Misery Needs Company”. In order to achieve his goal, he plays many tricks on humans.

Following are his 6 most important tricks:

1. SHIRK – he’ll make people associate partners, people, or things, in Allah’s names, attributes, qualities, power, knowledge, worship, praying to them for their needs, and so on and so forth.

2. ABANDONING SUNNAH- he’ll make people abandon the words and actions of our prophet (pbuh) whispering to them that it is not important. Some will even say that they don’t believe in the sunnah.

3. MAJOR SINS- he’ll make people do major sins like murder, backbiting,

4. MINOR SINS-he’ll make people do minor sins persistently that they’ll become a major sin

5. BIDA’H- he’ll make people do innovations in their deen because he knows that they’ll consider them as part of Islam and will not repent

6. IBADAH- he’ll spoil your ibadah, like interfering in your salah, showing off your fasting and zakah

7. Innovation in the Religion Even though when Allah clearly mentions

“…I have perfected for you your religion…”Qur’an 5:3

Lastly, remember that shaytan is your BIGGEST AND OPEN ENEMY in comparison to your enemies of this world, and in order for you to avoid his tricks, you MUST seek knowledge of your deen to get the proper tools to fight him, because one knowledgeable Muslim is better than 1000 ignorant Muslims.

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Salauddin October 8, 2020 - 3:11 pm

I liked th above statement as moral of any individual work states its thinking and will .where there is will there is a way so to be better person in world it’s important to do and speak good works.Its words of God Allah which makes us Human with good Moral values.He has boundless energy to redeems his followers to prosperity and happiness.


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