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 In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger
A Muslim should love someone, whom Allah and His Messenger(PBUH)loves and should hate someone whom Allah and His Messenger(PBUH) hates. Following are the things one should remember when making friends:
-A Muslim should make another Muslim friend, who is mindful of his/her Islamic duties and fear Allah in doing every action.
-Make friends, only, for the sake of Allah and not for any worldly purpose such as position, power, wealth, status, popularity, relation, same culture, tribe, nationality, etc.
-Make friends who are wise and not foolish, because he/she can do more harm than good.
-Make friends who have good manners and habits.
-Among the 7 people on whom Allah’s shade will be upon on the day of judgment will be the
one who loves each other for the sake of Allah and meet and depart for His sake.
-Make a friend who follows the teachings of the Qur’an and the sunnah and does not follow
innovations or his/her whims and desires.
-Make friends who can stop you, when he sees you doing something haram.
-Make friends who can help you in times of need.
– Make friends who are with you in your good times and bad times.
-Make friends who can give you sincere advice even if it is to your disliking.
-Make friends who can keep your’s and your family’s secrets and cover your faults.
-Make friends who are happy when you are happy and are sad when you are sad.
-Make friends who can make dua for you in your absence.
-Make friends who can let you spend time with your family.
-Remember there is ABSOLUTELY NO friendship between the opposite gender.
Lastly, if you don’t take the above suggestions seriously, then read what Allah says in the Qur’an “The Day when a wrongdoer will bite his hands and say, “Alas for me! If only I had gone the way of the Messenger! Alas for me! If only I had not taken so-and-so for a friend! He led me astray from the Reminder after it came to me.” Evil always leaves man in the lurch.” (25:27-29)

Source: with some modifications from Minhaj Al-Muslim by Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Jaza’iry

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