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Is Prophet Muhammad PBUH a problem for Muslims?

by I Need Allah
Is Prophet Muhammad PBUH a problem for Muslims?

Is the last and final messenger of ALLAH SWT problem for the Muslims. BIG NO.

You should have asked this question in regards to Non-Muslims because surely our beloved prophet is a big problem for them because his teachings are not aligned with what they want.

Surely our beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH is the best person ever lived in this world and he is the only Prophet of ALLAH SWT who taught us how to live our lives in a perfect manner by setting up examples for us. Other Prophets came to teach their people about the creator and this was their primary mission but Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH not only taught us about ALLAH SWT but also set up guidelines on how to lead our lives in a way ALLAH SWT expects.

  1. He set up an example for us as a father.
  2. He set up an example for us as a husband.
  3. He set up an example for us as a trader.
  4. He set up an example for us as a warrior.
  5. He set up an example for us as a leader.
  6. He set up an example for us as a friend.
  7. He set up an example for us as a neighbor.

Read his public life. His private life is in front of our eyes. There is no Prophet whose private life has been recorded. But we know that Prophet MUHAMAMD PBUH used to treat his wives with kindness, he used to worship ALLAH SWT at night. During the day hours he used to preach, he used to teach Quran, he used to manage all the community affairs and then in night he used to stand in front of ALLAH SWT. Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH did not hurt a single person in his entire blessed life, not a single person but in the battle field there was no warrior like him to fight for the cause of ALLAH SWT.

People used to bury their daughters, people used to stand in front of the idols. Slavery were common and they had no rights at all. Slaves were treated like animals. Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH was beaten, he was tortured but he didn’t say a single word to curse those people. He did not curse his own enemies.

When he returned to Makkah as a victorious, he could easily chop the heads of his enemies but instead he forgave them because ALLAH SWT has sent him as a mercy over his creature. Read about the incident of AL TAIF. People threw stones on him, ALLAH SWT sent angel Gabriel to destroy them but Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH said to him NO. Their children will understand my message and guess what, Taif accepted ISLAM.

Life of Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH is the best example for us to follow. Every minute of his life is an example for us and we are thankful to ALLAH SWT that we are the followers of his last an final messenger who has been sent as a mercy to the worlds not just one tribe.

Today and I am talking about 21st century, the way you people treat your women is like treating an animal. You use women and once you are done you take your way and she takes her and then you people call upon the messenger of ALLAH. What do you know about him? Read and understand with pure heart then only you will know who Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH is.

Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH is a blessing for us not a problem. Surely he is a problem for Non-Believers who drink, who eat pork, who sex without marriage, who make fun of other religions, who do not believe in one God. He is a problem for these kind of people not Muslims. ISLAM is the most growing religion in 21st century and if he was a problem for people then we people are senseless to believe in trouble maker.

You talk about Muslims, look what a Non-Muslim has to say about out Prophet.

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