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Satan’s short speech In the Quran

by I Need Allah
Satan's short speech In the Quran

Satan’s short speech In the Quran. In the Day of Judgment, when the judgment is final among the people, the believers will go to Paradise and the disbelievers will fall into Hell. When the followers of the devil accuse the devil of saying that we responded to your words. You will blame Satan for misleading us in the world, etc. Satan will then give a speech declaring himself completely innocent. Allah has mentioned that speech of Satan in the Qur’an.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning ): “ On the Day of Resurrection, when the matter will be decided, Satan will say: Surely Allaah has promised you the truth. I promised too. But my promise was false and I broke that promise. I had no authority over you. I just called you. And you answered my call. So don’t blame me today. Blame yourself. I can’t save you from punishment. You can’t save me either. You have already associated me with Allah. Amita is refusing. Indeed, for the wrongdoers is a painful punishment. [ Surah Ibrahim: 22 ]

So beware of Satan and his associates in sinful deeds! 

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