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Signs of weak Iman(Faith)

by I Need Allah
Signs of weak Iman(faith)

when is the last time you thought of Signs of weak Iman(faith)? You must have noticed when our faith increases and when it decreases. In this regard, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “ Every one of us’s faith is gradually eroded, just as“ saub ”(a kind of garment) is worn out. Goes). And so the advice of the beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) is, (since our faith is worn out) ” Therefore, every Muslim should pray to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, for the renewal of faith in his heart .” [The hadith is mentioned by Al-Hakim in his book Al-Mustaddharak, Al-Haysami in his book Majma Al-Ya’id, and Al-Tabarani in his book Al-Kabir.]

For self-awareness it is necessary to know well the signs of weak faith; Some of the signs of weak faith are:

(1) Not feeling guilty in spite of committing sin.
(2) Feeling reluctant and uninterested in reciting the Qur’an.
(3) Feeling lazy or slow in doing good deeds. For example, not praying at the appointed time.
(4) Neglect of the practice of the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
(5) Eccentric mood. For example, to talk about a small matter or to be in a bad mood all the time.
(6) Listening to the recitation of the Qur’an, especially the verses that speak of punishment for sin or reward for good deeds, do not create any kind of influence or feeling in the heart.
(6) To turn away from the remembrance of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and to find it difficult to remember Him.
(2)Shariah: No remorse or remorse for engaging in anti-Shariah activities.
(9) Running after wealth, influence, social status, etc. all the time.
(10) Constant mental misery as well as increasing financial miserliness. The tendency to hold on to wealth.
(11) Ordering good deeds to others and not to oneself.
(12) Feeling of mental satisfaction at the degradation and loss of others.
(13) To consider only haraam and halal as the main thing, but not to frown at the things that are makrooh (very disliked).
(14) To laugh at someone doing a good (small) deed. For example, someone might sweep the mosque, which is a good thing but to make fun of him because the work is small.
(15)Becoming a Muslim yourself and not having any effort or headache for the welfare of other Muslims.
(17) Introducing irresponsibility in the matter of Islam and the welfare and progress of Muslims.
(17) Not being able to bear the danger. For example, when someone dies, they mourn loudly, pat their chests, and cry.
(17) Arguing is only good to argue without any evidence.
(19) To be blinded by the fascination of the world. One of the signs of being blinded by the fascination of the world is the emotional breakdown of anything worldly.
(20) Always be busy with yourself. Survival only for one’s own self-interest. Living an extremely self-centered life.

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