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Islam has set down the following rules to govern people’s interaction with one another in society.

  1. Muslims are forbidden to severe relations with other Muslims.
  2. Muslims are prohibited to nurse grudge, hatred, or to be alienated from fellow Muslims.
  3. Muslims are prohibited to turn back on one another.
  4. The one who greets first is better.
  5. It is prohibited to form bad opinions about one another.
  6. Muslims are forbidden to nurse rancor and desert one another for secular reasons.
  7. It is permissible to keep a distance from people who are harmful to your worldly or Islamic affairs.
  8. It is only allowable for conflicting Muslims to keep away from one another for no more than three days maximum. After that, they have to reconcile and get over their pride, anger, and disagreement… Although the conflicting parties are commanded to settle their disputes according to the mutual rights they owe each other as brothers in Islam, the society also shoulders a great responsibility. The Muslim Ummah should be a cooperative and integrated community. It is improper for them to act as onlookers while their brothers are fighting; Instead,  people of wisdom and sound reasoning should interfere to reconcile the conflicting parties, taking an objective course that is void of personal whims and inclinations 
  9. Severing relations with others is even bitterer when it is within the framework of blood relations whom Islam has enjoined to keep in touch with one another. Real cherishing of blood relations is not observed in anticipation of an equal reaction on the part of one’s kin
  10. Muslims are encouraged to exchange gifts, so as to exchange love.
  11. Muslim can, or rather, should sever ties with wrongdoers who don’t care for Allah’s displeasure. It is the highest degree of iman (true faith) to love for Allah‘s sake and hate for Allah’s sake. However, when a wrongdoer regrets his deed and extends an apology to the wronged, the latter should forgive him and put an end to their conflict. 

Source: Excerpted from an article by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi-President International Union of Muslim Scholars

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