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The Right Of infants in Islam

by I Need Allah
The Right Of infants in Islam
  1. Naming an infant

It is the infant’s right upon his parents to give him a nice name with an Islamic significance.The Prophet said:

"You will be called by your names and by the names of your fathers on the Day of Resurrection. Therefore, give yourselves nice names.’

He also said:

“The best of your names near Allah are’Abdullah and Abdur-Rahman.” And so is every Name of Allah which, prefixed with the word Abd, stands as a recognition of the Ruboobiyah'(Lordship)of Allah. Prophet’s names are also highly commended.

2.Shaving the newborn’s head

It is a practice of the Sunnah to shave the infant’s head and to give in charity the weight of the hair in silver.

3.The Aqeeqah

It is an animal to be slaughtered for the newborn on his seventh day. The Prophet said: "Every infant is tied to his Aqeegah, so shed blood for him.

In another version, he said: “Slaughter two lambs for a boy and one for a girl.”

When to offer it:

The Prophetic instructions indicate that it should be offered on the seventh day. If this is not possible, then it should be offered on the 14th or 21st day. Others believe if it is not offered, it remains as a debt untill it is offered.


Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of a male or clitoris of a female as a religious rite.It is one of the nerites. The Prophet said:

"The rights of nature are five: circumcision, shaving of public hair, trimming mustaches, clipping fingernail, and plucking armpit hair.”

Circumcision is applicable to both males and females according to authentic Prophetic traditions. It is, however, emphasized for males than females. It is preferable to before the age of puberty; preferably during infancy younger the child is the faster it heals.

5. The infant’s physical and spiritual rights.

Islam guarantees the infants right and preserves them. the most important of their rights concerns preserving the infants body and health so he can accomplish his objective in this life.

  • Parental rights

When a mother is pregnant, it is her duty to avoid consuming or doing anything that may be hazardous to the fetus in her womb.

  • His right to inheritance
  • His right after birth

Once the baby is born, all legal rules that guarantee his right apply, of which are the right to acting and rearing by the parents such as suckling, fostering, beside the right to be brought up as a good Muslim. 

  • Teaching children sound aqeedah(belief)

It is the first duty of parents toward their children to guard their Aqwwdah. The prophet(PBUH) said :

“Every infant is naturally born as a muslim, but it is his parents whi turn him into a jew, a Christan, or a Magian”

It is true that Muslim parents do not turn their children into jews, or Christian, but they neglect them without giving them the Islamic education until some bob-Islamic influences lead them astray. Parents in this case shall be held accountable for their negligence.

Source: From the book “Guideline For Raising Children

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