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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger

No one can deny that one day he/she will leave this world. Death doesn’t discriminate between age gender, rich, poor, and if you’re ready for it or not. Many times it comes sudden. As Muslims, we MUST prepare ourselves for this fact of life. Read what Allah says in the Qur’an “ Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be return(29:57) Following are just few things to do when preparing to leave this world:

 On a daily basis, repent for your sins, especially shirk, because shirk is the biggest sin that Allah will not forgive if one dies in that state.
Start detaching the love of this world and its attractions.
Do good deeds as much as possible. Don’t avoid any good deed no matter how small it looks
Apologize to people whom you have done any wrong including backbiting, slandering, physical or verbal abuse. It may be difficult, but it is easier now than facing the consequences in the Hereafter
-Return any money and goods which belong to others, individual or business. It’s cheaper now than in the hereafter where you have to pay with your good deeds.
Start doing mandatory ibadahs, if you’re already not doing it like 5 daily salah, fasting, zakah, hajj and voluntary ibadahs like tahajjud, fasting, sadaqa 
-Think positive of Allah
Reconcile all differences with other Muslims, especially your blood relatives. Bury your ego
On a daily basis, read the Qur’an with understanding and ponder upon its verses and practice
Prepare yourselves for the questions that will be asked in the grave1. Who is your Rab? 2. Who is your prophet? 3. What is your religion?. Any Muslim will not be able to answer these questions if he/she was not practicing the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
Do some kind of Sadaqa Jaira while you’re still alive, because you don’t know if someone will do it for you.
-Visit your dead loved ones grave to remind you of your death
-Make your Islamic will, especially if you’re living in a non-Muslim country otherwise your assets will be distributed according to the laws of that country 
-Write instructions clearly for all important matters so that your loved ones can do accordingly.
 Don’t hide any important information, especially your financial info. with your spouse &children
-Make all your financial accounts as joint or at least add a beneficiary to the accounts
-Pay off all debts in your life.
-Nominate a health proxy. 
To conclude, I request you to please start working on the above points as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute regrets. There are many Muslims, living in non-Muslim countries, who died without any will or instructions and their families are suffering.  


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