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In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. All Praise and Thanks are due to Allah and peace and
blessings be upon His messenger
Many people, on hearing the name Nation of Islam, think that the followers of this organization are Muslims, but that is not true. Following is its history and differences from true Islam:
History: In the summer of 1930, a peddler made his appearance in the black ghetto of Detroit, USA. He gave the name of Wallace D. Fard. He told tales about the blacks of Africa that entranced his customers. This led to informal gatherings in homes in which he told the blacks about their land of origin. In three short years, Fard has acquired some 8,000 followers. Under the direction of The Minister of Islam and his staff, the Nation of Islam continued to prosper. Fard retired from an openly active role in the direction of The Nation of Islam. One of
Fard’s early disciples, Elijah Poole, was given the Muslim name Elijah Muhammad. He became one of Fard’s favorites and was ultimately named as the Chief Minister of Islam. In June of 1934, only four years after he made his first appearance in Detroit, and shortly after Elijah Muhammad was named Minister of Islam, W. D.
Fard completely and mysteriously disappeared. After a time, Elijah Muhammad’s theology elevated Fard to the role of Allah incarnate, and himself to the role of the Prophet of Allah. This puts him firmly in the seat of power, and he will never be shaken from it. One of Elijah Muhammad’s most favored and influential disciples was born Malcolm Little and renamed Malcolm X upon his conversion… One of the obvious successors to Elijah
Muhammad was his son, Warith Dean Muhammad. While they had been estranged for several years, they were reconciled prior to Elijah’s death. W. D. Muhammad had visited Mecca and learned Arabic. He became a student of the Qur’an and genuine Islam. Upon his father’s death, Warith Dean Muhammad made some significant changes in the Nation of Islam. In 1985, he disbanded the Nation of Islam and led them into authentic Islam.
The majority followed his lead and abandoned the nationalistic goals of the Nation of Islam, replacing it with the community of Islam. However, a minority of about ten percent maintained their original doctrines and became
known as “Ten-Percenters.” The Ten-Percenters still call themselves The Nation of Islam and still hold to the teaching of W. D. Fard and Elijah Muhammad. They are basically a militant black supremacy movement. The
The nation of Islam professes to be Muslim and to adhere to the Qur’an. Those of the traditional sects of Islam do not consider the Nation of Islam to be genuinely Islamic. The Nation of Islam has too many spurious doctrines and teachings that conflict with the traditional perspective. They claim that they follow the Qur’an, but their interpretations again differ greatly from traditional Islam. According to the Nation of Islam, Allah, (God) created man, and the man he created was black. They believe that Allah himself is the original and supreme black man.
He is the supreme being among a mighty and powerful race of black men. In this, The Nation of Islam differs
strongly with the monotheism of traditional Islam.
Difference between the Nation of Islam and the true Islam: One great difference between members of the
The nation of Islam and Orthodox Muslims is their perspective on the Qur’an. Orthodox Muslims believe that it was
Allah’s last revelation to mankind. The Nation of Islam’s teachings on the subject is contradictory. On the one end, they state that they believe in the Qur’an and the writings of all the prophets of God. On the other side, the members also state that they believe that they are the original nation, the writers of the Bible and the Qur’an, and the creators of history. Another discrepancy is in the belief of the personification of Allah. The Nation of Islam professes that Allah appeared in the flesh as W.D. Fard. Orthodox Muslims believe that at no time did Allah appear in any physical form. Al Islam teaches that the Prophet Muhammad was the last of the messengers.
Allah has sent to us, and the one for all to follow. The Nation of Islam believes that Elijah Muhammad was also a messenger. He was taught by God himself (W. D. Fard). Overall, the Orthodox Muslims believe in the equality of all. There is no one superior group over another. Hierarchical structures are based on the ability to submit to the will of Allah. The Nation of Islam is more of a political movement hoping to find a solution for the plight of the African-American. They believe in the Judgment, but that the first judgment will take place in the United
States. In addition, NOI followers see themselves as God’s chosen people who can mentally be resurrected.
Lastly, please be reminded that, no matter what they say, members of the Nation of Islam are NON-Muslims and should be treated as non-Muslims.

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